During my Food Adventures, I’ve come across some really awesome cookbooks (and recipes) and some not-so-awesome cookbooks (and recipes).  While I won’t spend any time worrying about the not-so-awesome ones, I do want to highlight some cookbooks and recipes that I have found to be helpful, insightful or “normal”.  We’re a normal American family that lived on the Standard American Diet for many years, so there’s nothing more frustrating to me than buying a cookbook and discovering that there are recipes for strange foods like kelp noodles with liver tartare. 1. I don’t know where to buy those things and 2. I am just not going to eat them. Period. So here are some of my favorite cookbooks and recipes and links to purchase them or visit the websites where you can find them. *I am not affiliated with the writing or publication of these cookbooks or recipe blogs. I just like them*