Standard Measuring Tool

A Standard

A standard is both a level of quality and something in which you measure or compare another thing to.  We all have a “standard” for our lives.  That standard is both the quality that we have (or expect) from our lives as well as the yardstick that we use to measure people, events or things that we allow into our lives.

But what happens when we’re forced to change our standards? Finances, health, beauty, relationships and a slew of other things in our lives change (for good or bad); changing our standards. When our lives change in unexpected and  painful ways, we have a tendency to continue to try and live at the old and better standard. On the flip side, we typically don’t have any trouble adjusting to good changes.

My life and the lives of everyone in my family have been changing a lot lately; most people would say the changes haven’t been good. An onslaught of health problems have dramatically changed the way that my family has to live.  And while that is true, there have been many good and beautiful things happening as well.  This website is a chronicle of those changes (good and bad) that have forced me to change my standard. This is my new standard.